1987 Turbo T 53K Miles. New Motor.


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Apr 5, 2005
1987 Regal Turbo. Turbo T. Dark gray hard top, power seats, power windows, gray bucket interior. 53,000 original miles. Posi 8.5 rear end, 2004-R Transmisison.


This has a BRAND NEW engine freshly installed. The original engine spun a rod and lost oil pressure. There is now a brand new engine with a 3 year unlimited mile manufacturer’s warranty. The engine has break in time only on it. With the engine being replaced, the entire engine bay and every engine component has been overhauled or replaced. All re-used parts have been professionally glass beaded, primed, painted or clear coated and high temp coated. The engine runs perfectly and pulls nice and strong.


Transmission is the stock 2004-R that has recently been rebuilt with upgraded clutches and bands and a mild shift kit to get rid of the factory sloppy shift. It works perfectly and shifts very nicely.


The paint is fairly new (5 years) and is 9 out of 10. There are some repairable spots on the lower doors (mainly driver) with some rust. That is literally the only rust on the entire car! Overall the paint is extremely nice and could be entered into a show as is.


Pictures say it all. Interior is near perfect. I just put the new floor mats in which really puts the icing on the cake. Shifter handle needs the clip to hold it on and the blinker signal is loose. I’m not sure if it can be tightened or needs to be replaced but it does work perfectly. Very inexpensive if you wish.

Under the car there is no rust issues at all. Minor surface rust here and there which is far less than typical. There are no holes, rot, etc etc. The car is extremely clean on the underside.


The exhaust is a dual Stainless steel 2 1/4” Cat back with CAT delete. Sounds amazing and is installed properly with the correct tail pipes.


ATR Pit Bull Chip. This is old technology but works great as long as you run good 93 octane. If you cannot get good 93 octane I would suggest calling Turbo Tweak and getting a new chip with the latest upgrades. ATR cold air intake with K&N Filter. Scanmaster 2.1.


All wheels have been professionally restored. Glass beaded, polished in the correct areas and clear coated. Pictures tell all.

Overall this car is a steal and I really wish I could keep it. Unfortunately this is #3 and it has to go. You can get in this car and drive it anywhere, any distance. Take it to shows and take the trophy home.

Please feel free to contact me at any time with any questions or concerns at 516-356-6238. Come see the car and take it for a test drive! The car is listed locally as well and I reserve the right to end the auction at any time.

***Please check out the youtube videos of the car running and driving.

Search: “T-type Limited walk around FOR SALE 516-356-6238”

"T-type Limited Drive Video FOR SALE 516-356-6238"

The VIN# Listed is for another one of my grand nationals. The Original VIN# of this car is 1G4GJ1174HP419638. The car was stolen in 1992 and recovered. For whatever reason, the idiots in NY state re-vin the car and remove all vin tags from the original. The new NY state VIN# is NY-49024. I assure you this is a clear title car and there is no issues with the title, car or VIN#. Call the above listed # at any time if you wish.

Please Contact me with request of additional pictures or anything specific you may require. Thank You!! Enjoy. 516-356-6238 tdigs@hotmail.com



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$11,000 Absolute rock bottom number.

You are stealing this beautiful car at this price :( unfortunately I need the $$ not a third car.
Car is on ebay for 4 more days. Get this thing for a steal and put me one step closer to hanging myself.
Yes the car is still available. I have not been advertising it since its the dead of winter. I was going to wait until march. But yes, Still available.