1987 Turbo T limited - $7,200


1987 Buick Regal T-Type/ Turbo T Limited

-1 of 1035, 3.8 SFI Turbo, 200R-4 trans, 8.5 Rear
Dark Blue, 3rd owner, grey leather interior, has alot of rare options.
138,xxx miles....lots of upgrades:

206 Comp Cam, new GM lifters, timing chain, ta-49 turbo, 009 42.5 lb injectors, stretch stock location V4 intercooler, Turbotweak chip, Razor's progressive alcohol kit (allows 24lbs boost on pump gas),3 inch stainless Mease downpipe, Stainless ATR 3 inch exhaust, Weld Draglites, full guage package,(oil, water, boost, fuel pressure, tach)+ a scanmaster,etc. (I have loads of receipts, plus a lot of the stock stuff as well). Brand new powermaster and brakes as well. It is a high 11 second car, maybe even faster with a better driver. (I'm not the best)

Car turns heads everywhere it goes. Sounds and runs great. I drove this car daily for a few years, and even from NYC to Bowling Green, KY in 2004. I really don't want to sell this car, but times are tough. Body is in very good condition...never in an accident. Paint is about a 7 out of 10, Body is about 7.5 out of 10..(very minor rust bubbles starting above drivers side rear wheelwell) I was religious about oil changes and general maintenance. I have the receipts to prove it.

Call me (9176695349) or email at quik87gn@aol.com with any questions. I may be able to lower my price if you just want the stock wheels instead of the Welds. I also have more pics which I can email to you.

Nice Car

Sweet lookin car! Great color.. You have any pics of the underside? Much rust other than the bubbles you mentioned? Also is the motor or tranny rebuilt at all or stock with the exception of what you mentioned. I'm on Long Island and mite be interested if I can unload the other car. Either way should go fast. Good luck

Nice ride there love them corner lights!. If you have some, can you post some pics of the bottom inside of the doors, undercarriage floor boards and inside trunk areas. Thanks

Thanks for the kind words...
Ill try to take a couplemore pics soon

The only other rust is on the rocker panel when you open the drivers door. Its not visible from the outside...and you can actually see it in a pic I posted above.

Motor and trans are stock and have not been rebuilt. (I think I have a fluke trans...because it still works fine at almost 140,000!).

Ill try to get some more pics later. Please call or email direct if interested.
So far I've got a ton of interest, mostly off of nyc craigslist, but no one has come to see it yet.
I'm on Staten Island...give me a call or email if interested.

first nice car buddy - where did you get the try pod gauge base or holder on the right side of the instrument panel .?
didn't realize you were talking about the one on the right side of dashboard. i have no clue where he got that bad boy :)

The car has sold! I'm kinda sad about it. I'm definitely gonna miss this one, but at least I have a GN to fall back on.
Sorry about not replying regarding the guage pod. I actually bought it used from Rons Custom Auto in NJ, back when Paul was there and they were still in business. I believe Paul or Ron made them, but I don't know how you can get in touch with them, since they're not around anymore.