1987 Turbo T Limited 87K Reduced to $12,495 Last reduction

It hasn't sold because the bank won't lend me the money for it. Good luck with your sale.
I would jump on this if I didn’t have my GN. I prefer Turbo Ts anyway and this one is the same color as my 88LX. Would be the perfect pair
Old Cars Report Price Guide May/June 2018 just came out, lists the Limited Turbo @ $26K for #1, this is half that.....
Can't Seem to update this ad anymore if a Mod could update the title to the new price that would be great.

New Price 12k
I am really surprised this car is still for sale. It's a limited at a great price. Sorry I couldn't take it off your hands glws.
Trade me,its easier to sell a black T type.Glws

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