1987 Turbo T Limited 87K Reduced to $12,495 Last reduction


New update 2-14-18 at end of ad.

I took ownership of it in October of 2012 with 84k on the clock as you can see i don't get to drive it nearly enough as it only has 87k today. In addition i have a bunch of paperwork from the original owner and the 2nd owner i bought it from.

The original ad is still up here:

When i negotiated the car with him i had him fix the rust on the bottom seams of both doors as well as the rust on the the lower quarter behind the wheel. He owns a mustang restoration shop so all work was done professionally. He even used the correct coating on the lower quarters that the factory did to resits rocks and debris. As the car sits today there is no rust/rot anywhere.

Since then I've done the following:
Added a scanmaster
New Alradco Aluminum radiator
LT1 MAF and Maf Translator 2
Replaced the turbo back to a stock turbo from a 37k Grand National
8" Cold Air Filter
Caspers Hot Wire Fuel Pump Harness
Caspers Headlight Harness
237 Fuel Pressure Regulator to up pressure a little
New lowering springs and all new shocks all around.
Newer GM AM/FM Cassette Monsoon Radio and upgraded the 4x10s in the rear deck
Fixed the antenna so it goes all the way down but after radio upgrade can't get it to go back up. Still have original radio and all original parts that were replaced.

In August of 2015 I had Bison Performance in CT do the following:

Rear Main Seal Replaced
New 100lb valve springs installed
Timing chain replaced
Roller cam button replaced
36lb Injectors installed
New Crank Sensors
New Spark plugs (CR43ts)
Turbo Tweaks 5.7 Chip to match the injectors.

During Summer 2017:
Full Vacuum Brake Conversion with correct pedal, new booster, new master,
EBC Slotted front rotors, EBC red stuff pads.
New Prop Valve, new Master to Prop Valve Lines.
Stainless steel brake hoses all around.

UPDATE - 2/14/2018
  • New 1-piece spoolfool rear filler installed and painted, along with new rear chrome bumperettes and new rubber to replace the cracking original fillers.

  • A/C will be fixed and converted to r134a with all NEW AC/Delco parts including new compressor, accumulator/dryer, Orifice Tube, clutch switch and r134a fittings.

  • Have a quote to get the vinyl roof redone, if i get to that the price is pretty firm, if the buyer doesn't care, i am negotiable a bit, but have already just put in another $1000 worth of new parts,paint and labor.
UPDATE - 2/21/2018
  • AC replaced/converted/charged and cooling as it should now.
Reduced, to $12,495 firm, last reduction. Car is located in Rhode Island is currently registered and insured. Sold with Bill of sale,current RI registration and since RI is a non title state it also comes with paperwork from RI DMV that they give out in lieu of a title for states that require one.

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Yes it is, i got tired of handling the 10k offers from CL and ebay so i stopped promoting the car. I also decided to replace the cracked original rear fillers with a spoolfool 1 piece so i'll be getting that on in the next week or two. Depending on weather (snowing as i speak), i'll see if i can get it to a shop to have the AC diagnosed as well unless a serious buyer doesn't care.

Also, to update the 1st post, i have the legal paperwork that the RI DMV provides in lieu of a tile that will allow the car to be registered in any state that requires a title. So it will be bill of sale, current registration plus the additional paperwork from the DMV. I sold another car a couple months ago with the same paperwork and the buyer had no issues registering it in their tilte state.
If i have the vinyl replaced, then i'm going to have to be firm on the price as is at $15,900. I'm negotiable otherwise, within reason.
AC Charged and cooling... All New, AC Delco replacement parts , not refurbished..
Pics of the spoolfool 1 piece, ac components, and some more shot of the roof as it sits today.

IMG_20180221_170150.jpg IMG_20180221_170214.jpg IMG_20180221_170225.jpg IMG_20180221_170231.jpg IMG_20180221_170307.jpg IMG_20180221_170318.jpg
I’ve been watching this car for a while now. Why is it not selling? It appears to be in good shape, the price is more than fair. It’s a Linited. What am I missing?