1987 White Turbo T 67k miles


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Nov 2, 2003
Well as most of you have seen I had just sold my 86 gn. The wife and I have decided to sell all of our turbo cars and put some money in the bank for future home improvements, and a new camper (have 2 kids now, so time for family time).

This is one of my cars from my bucket list that I picked up about a year ago (said I would never sell). It’s a 87 Turbo T. 67-68k miles. No T tops. Looks like car has been repainted sometime ago (this is what my body man said). Gray interior, shifter on the floor, bucket seats (In almost mint condition). Power windows and locks, working a/c (r134). Has cruise but don’t work (haven’t had time to investigate) Car runs and drives like a dream. I have owned a lot of these cars and this one has been the best! This car is very clean. I bought it from a guy that was selling his buddies cars because he had passed away and was helping out the guys one daughter to raise money. The car came from NY a few years back. I’m assuming it never got driven in the snow (no rust). The guy didn’t know a lot about it. It looks like the motor at one point has been gone through (newer looking gaskets ,and the head bolts are not the late 80s head bolts they came with. The guy did say when his buddy got the car he had it checked over and everything was good but the trans felt funny. So the trans was rebuilt ( also has shift kit). Tires are almost new.

I put my 36 lb injectors (ford blue top), turbo and 3in down pipe (wth cut out) on off my other 87 turbo t. Not sure on brand names, think turbo is around a 50 mm. Car made 305 hp and 360 trq at the wheels at 18 psi. Chip is a custom burned chip I have had for years don’t know where I got it from. Set for 93 octane at 18 psi. Have front and rear fiberglass bumpers with aluminum mounts (rear is on no paint). Front is still have in the box. Car also had adjustable fuel regulator, k/n cone with hard intake tubing. I still have stock turbo and down pipe that will go with car.

The title is a theft recovery. It was issued a new vin from the state of NY.
AGAIN This is not a rebuilt title!! A THEFT RECOVERY!!
Im not in a big hurry to sell this car. If I don’t get what I want out of it I will keep it.
Do me a favor and stand firm on your price, its a nice car and too many Buick owners give away their cars destroying the value of these beauties. :)
The one pic of the passenger side in the trunk shows a little surface rust… I don’t know much about body work so I brought I to a local body shop and had them look the car over. He said the little rust look in the trunk is nothing… it is a little surface rust. He said it looked like the truck leaked a little. he said he would wire brush it or sand blast it, reseal it and paint it… the body man said this is on the nicest regals he has seen in a long time!

i don’t hide things when I sell things stuff ive been screwed over way to many times myself driving 2000+ miles for a car to find out it was junk. Any questions, please feel free to ask!!!
i do not have the stock rear bumper... do have the front fiberglass bumper brand new still in box.
Thank you sir ^^

Is this one going to go the same as my 86 GN?? no one really interested in it till after weeks of being on here all of a sudden every one whats it?? LOL!!

Come on guys, want to sell b4 the snow fly’s!! I really don’t want to mess with this when there is snow on the ground or salt on the roads. Or wait till next spring. (we want to get a camper during cold months they are a lot cheaper!)
"So close" I'd get it, but no T-Top and want only an ALL Original car ! < "Your still killing me tho" >
Looking ... and LOOKING AGAIN ! YOUR Killing me still ! BUT: "I gotta stick to my guns". It's a killer beautiful car ... but myself
personally ? T-Tops and "untouched" is a must ! Fillers are given (replacement) no matter what. Right down to the Air cleaner can

Honest ta God, If you were "here" ... I'd probably do it !!
But no.
What are you using for boost control I notoced the lines for the stock waste gate actuator are removed or plugged
i have it set just with the adjustable rod on the waste gate controller (spring). The car had a fancy vacuum controller on it when I got it but would not stay steady at all! It was one with the spring and the little ball inside. (cant remember the name)