1989 Pontiac Turbo Trans Am


Jul 22, 2008
1989 Pontiac Turbo Trans Am #169 (one of 1550 or so built)

$11,000 obo

143608 miles on rust free body, ~5000 miles on engine/trans

The Good--

Engine Mods-
.020 over
JE pistons
Resized rods w/ ARP bolts
Arp bolts throughout
Billet 2-3 mains
Full throttle 206/210 roller cam setup
Harland sharp roller rockers
Double roller chain
Ported stock heads and lower intake
Precision pt52 turbo
Jim dunn 3" downpipe with cutout
Hooker exhaust
Billet vacuum block
Chrome up pipe and filter pipe
Adj. high psi wastegate
Voltage booster
10mm magnacore wires
Newer cam sensor,coil pack, plugs, knock sensor, crank sensor, water pump, o2, etc.

Fuel System-
Walbro intank pump w/ hotwire kit
50lb delphi injectors
Turbo tweak adj. chip
Razors alky control kit

Built by finish line transmission in Illinois
Precision 3200(iirc) lockup converter
Add on trans cooler

Suspension and Brakes-
UMI Subframe connectors
UMI Wonderbar brace
Edelbrock Adj. Panhard Rod
Replaced balljoints and bushings in front
Replaced rotors and pads
Replaced shocks
M&H racemaster in rear
Have a spare set of front tires.

Boost gauge
Knock Gauge
2 gauge pillar
Trans Temp Gauge(not installed)
Alky Control
Cd player
New hatch carpet
New windshield

Car runs good, I drive it every decent day I can, oil psi hot at idle is very good (25-26psi w/ 10w30)
Engine runs very cool, never had any over heating even in 100 degree temps.

Headliner is good, power windows work
All Gauges work and lights work as well.
Dash has a cover on it so it looks nice.

Issues - most are minor and didn't bother me so I didn't deal with them.

I am getting some boost fludder at higher boost, however the car keeps pulling and I have no knock while it is happening. I believe it
is due to not having a dutt neck on the intercooler and its causing a restriction because I am also tapped at 24psi?
if I were to keep the car I would at least get a dutt neck I/C or custom front mount.

The car does have some small oil leaks(turbo drain, possible rear main, but I think its the breather running down the engine - A catch can could be installed to cure this.).
these are minor to me, but they do leave a few small spots on the garage floor after time.

The intercooler scoop is tore up, I also had to crunch it a little to install the wonder bar, but it was worth it!
the bar made it handle/steer much better.

Cruise control is inop due to a bad servo

A/C is all there and did work, but I switched it over to 134a when I reinstalled the engine and it all leaked out at the compressor.
so you would have to reseal or replace the a/c compressor and dryer, and it should be fine.

Door locks need some attention, they work if you hit the button a few times, probably bad actuators.

The Rear Defroster works, but only 3 or 4 lines work. That paint on strip should work fine to fix that.

I removed the automatic hatch pull down due to previous owner slamming it and breaking it. button on dash
still works fine to open it.

Some of the interior plastics are cracked/broken, replacements shouldn't be too hard to find, again didn't bother
me too much.

Wind/air leak on pass window with windows up

Seats will need to be recovered- the seats in the car are not the originals, I have them in my basement.
I didn't recover them because I have heard how uncomfortable they are and would leave it up to the new owner to
replace with 4th gen seats or recover the stock seats.

Paint is rough up close, but looks good from a few feet away, it must have been painted years ago in a dusty area/outside?
It looks like little bubbles/blisters under the paint.
the hood has a crack in it due to previous owner slamming it and not holding the latch up when closing. right front fender
has a ding and a 2" scratch, a few other chips and scratches. spoiler is cracking. Like I said the car doesn't look bad from 10 feet but
once you get close you see it.

Carpet would need a good steam clean, hatch carpet is new.
(I was going to steam if I take the seats out)

The ttop shades are saggy

There is no rust on this car, underbody is unbelievably clean as it spent most of its life in Nevada.
I bought the car a few years ago from some hacks and I started cleaning it up(drivetrain first), however I have my
eye on something else in the future, and this needs to go. It is a extremely fun car, and a driver. She moves out real good and surprises lots of people!

I'm sure there is some stuff I am forgetting, but this is most of it.
I have almost all receipts and a lot of money into this car!

Any questions shoot me a pm!










Ive got a 1973 camaro if your intrested. The camaro is listed in my sig. I dont have it for sale but ive always liked the TTA.
Are those the original seats? Cloth was more rare than leather. If it were a hardtop it would really be rare.
Are those the original seats? Cloth was more rare than leather. If it were a hardtop it would really be rare.

no the original seats are leather, they are in my basement in need of a recover!
the cloth seats are just in there to get by with.
ttt, waiting for a GB to end for the seat covers, so I can recover the stockers and get the interior looking nice.