1998 dodge ram 1500 rebuilt 8,000 miles custom


Im posting this add for my Brother.Its his truck.

Im selling my 1998 dodge ram 1500.The truck is all redone.The motor was rebuilt new rings,rod,cam,crank bearings,everything(I have rebuild pictures) and has about 8000 miles on it since the rebuilt,the transmission was also rebuilt and only has 8000 miles on it since the rebuild.The engine was powdercoated candy apple red.The truck has an accell coil,msd wires all new accessories water pump,powersteering pump,air compressor,and a rebuilt alternator.The AC IS ICE COLD.The rear was rebuilt and is posi.The whole front end was rebuilt and has about 5000 miles on it.All the sensors on the engine were replaced with new mopar sensors.Iac valve,crank position sensor,coolant sensor,TPS SENSOR,MAP SENSOR.starter,New distributor and rotor and cap.The whole thing was rebuilt and the truck drives like a new truck.The gas tank was dropped and a new fuel pump assembly was installed(fuel pump,fuel pressure regulator,sending unit).The truck has no rust and is came from texas.It has american racing rims offroad rims.The dash was changed with a OEM MOPAR DASH.The original one that was on the truck was cracked since it came from texas.I spent 500 on a new one from mopar.Truck has all new brakes(new brake fluid,wheel cylinders pads,bearings.The truck has all new ball joints,tie roads,pitman arm.It has a remote start,window roll ups.Thats about it the whole truck was redone.The reason im selling it is because I have three trucks and I dont use this one anymore.It has no problems.THIS TRUCK IS 2WD NOT 4x4

Im sure this may not be the place to sell this truck.Its basically a new truck.No corners were cut everything was done right.At first it was going to move our trailers around but we brought a Dually instead.He must of had this truck sold 15 times but everything people realized it wasn't 4x4 they changed there mind.Its 2wd.
5000$ Or best offer.Truck is in NJ

I cant add attachments for some reason but heres the craigslist add

1998 dodge ram 1500 rebuilt 8,000 miles