1LE and 15" Draglite/Prostars


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Nov 18, 2002
I am in the process of upgrading my front brakes, and I need to order myrims, has anyone had issues with 15" Draglites/Prostars? What rim width,and BS did you use on the fronts?

I know some (most/all) have had issues with the 1LE brakes and Olds 15" SSII/SSIII rims, mainly with the rims hitting the calipers. I'm going to install the SSBC Force10 calipers when I complete the conversion and if they STILL don't fit, OH WELL, I tried.

Okay, no takers.....

What about the Prostar XP's?

I know they were re-designed for improved brake clearance. But is it enough for my set-up?

I am thinking about getting the 15x6, 3.5"BS for the FRONT, and 16x8 4.5" BS REAR

Any input from you guys?

I bought the pro star xps-didnt know they made a 9" rim with a 4.5" bs. i bought a 5.5" bs with a bolt on 1" billet adapter on my 9" rims. I havent upgraded the brakes yet. also have the 15 x 6 for the front. i believe with 3.5" bs---backspacing is very limited with these rims.and if you go to upgrade the front end , it will make the track a 1/2" wider making the backspacing for the front like 3" on a 6" rim- dead center.
That was a typo, I MEANT to type 16x8 w/ 4.5 BS

Now I am looking for a 28" tire for the 16" rims. Do they exist? Preferably a DR....

I think nitto now makes one and also i would check out the new MT drag radials- got good reviews.
Hey 49-blues, do you have any pics of your car with the XP's on them? What do you suggests for a 15 x 9 rear for backspacing?
I dont have them on the car right now, i tryed on the slicks 15 x 9 s with a 4.5 " backspacing ( using a 1" billet bolt on spacer) originally a 5.5" rim with mt et drags 28 x 9 x15 s and the fit was perfect- about 1/2" space on both sides! I have one 15x9 set with the slicks, one 15x9 set with nittos 275x60x15 drag radials and one set for the front 15x6 with 215x65x15 s. I havent tryed on the drag radials yet but everythingelse fit perfect.
Sounds like what I am looking to possibly do.
The shops around here have not put any XP Pro Stars on yet.
Please send some pics when you can.
regular prostars fit fine. i'm using 15x7 with 3.5 bs, stock gm calipers. 215/65/15 tire. the tires do rub the inner fender at close to full lock due the increased treadwidth of the b-body spindles. 4" bs would probably be better but weld doesn't offer them that i know of.
You may want to check Cragers wheels- i think they have a look a like rim like the pro stars and may have a better backspacing available. also jegs or summits for similar rims with the correct backspacing.

Cragar and Weld Racing are the same company.

The Cragar Dragstar FX, and the Weld Pro Star XP are the EXACT SAME WHEEL. Only the center cap is different.

And BOTH offer the SAME backspacing on the rims, and they are as follows:

15x6 w/ 3.5
15x7 w/ 3.5
15x9 w/ 5.5
15x10 w/ 4.5 & 5.5