1st Kill GS 3800 SC vs 3.5 V6 Altima


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Sep 28, 2001
Been doing some upgrades to the DD and was on a long stretch of service road waiting to get on the Interstate. I was coming up on a white Altima and about to go around him on the right and he punches it. So I get back behind him getting on the Interstate as the ramp was coming up pretty quick by that time, he finds a clearing and hits it, I follow his lead and punch it right on his ass and starting to pass him around 80-90 I am waving to him as I go by.
We get caught up in traffic so no more playing and I end up exiting in a few miles going back home. Just to much traffic to stay on the Hwy and try again.
And it had paper tags had to be a '15-'18 model. lmao He may take it back now :cool:
To give you a gauge, my 16 V6 Alt runs 14.5 @99 on 87. Some day I'll try 93 and see if I can break 100.