2-3 pt shift point too high?

77 cruiser

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May 24, 2001
In an effort to get shift points in the 6000 area, I removed some weight from the gov. & shimmed the TV limit .050. But I put the red or blue spring from a SK kit on the 2-3 valve. I haven't tried a WOT shift but the 1-2 @ 15mph 2-3 @30mph 3-4 @ 50mph. I'm thinking the 2-3 is so high is from the spring.
Can't remember if the valve can be pulled with out dropping the VB?
You have to pull the valve body to remove the roll pin that holds the 2-3 shuttle valve sleeve.
OK looks like I got 6000 rpm wot shifts.
I asked this before & was advised against it. If I shimmed the MTV up slightly would that bring the PT shifts down?
Just a slight extra bit of throttle raises the PT shifts point up a lot.