2004R With CK master rebuild kit, no 1-2 shift question.


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Feb 11, 2023
Hi, I'm new to the forum.... I rebuilt a CZ3 Monte SS core for my 65 GTO about a year and a half ago.... I used the CK master kit added a billet input shaft, 13 vane pump and a Hughes 2300-2500 lock up convertor. The unit worked fine until this passed November, until I had an afternoon of some spirited driving around town LOL. I'm not sure what happened, I drove the car home and all was fine. Wife took the car out for a drive a week later and complained it felt like the more she pushed on the throttle the slower it went. She brought the car home and I test drove it later....1-2 shifted mushy and 2-3 was like someone threw an anchor. Fluid smelt bad so I took the unit out. Red Alto wide band smoked? I did some research and heard there was a bad run on these bands. It looked like the friction material peeled off the steel...??? I disassembled the unit all clutch packs were fine, direct drum was F'd ( bought replacement from CK). Cleaned everything up and began the re assembly. Had an terrible time finding replacement "Wide" band, finally found a extra wide Kevlar band from another local trans shop. I disassembled and cleaned the Valve body and put it back as it was (I thought).....I put the unit back in the car last Sat with some mods to the governor because the 1-2 shift was a little uncomfortable as it was and really thats the only thing that changed from the original attempt. I tested the unit in the garage with it jacked up and I was happy It had all the gears and lock up... Checked the fluid level and took it for a ride. Shifted a bit too early now but manually it shifted fine. So I figured I'd drop the pan and lighten up the governor weights unit I got it where I liked it. Thats where it all went bad.....Pulled Gov out and made some adjustments, put it back..... now no up shifts......WTF. Checked pressures, min TV seemed good in all positions, Max TV seemed low in 4-3-2-1 and was very erratic on the gauge. As I stroked the TV cable the pressure rose, but when it approached 200+ it dropped significantly to like 150 ish (hard to tell as gauge was bouncing) so I thought PR valve or pressure relief ball spring bad.....???? Any I wound up pulling the dam thing again, no trash in pan, pulled pump and double checked springs ETC all looked fine, I added a couple washers behind the relief valve spring between anchor Nail, didn't think that could hurt. Next was the VB inspection...... checked all the valves that were Identified in the CK kit to modify and the only smoking gun I found was the .250 cup plug was missing behind the 3-2 control valve???? Is that it??? Why would if be fine one day and F'd the next when all I messed with was the Gov? FML!!! Any help confirming this was my issue would be AWESOME... Thx All!
Thanks, I have seen his name a bunch on this forum. Would you happen to have is number or Website info?
Wish I knew about this forum a year and a half ago…. I’d have known about him sooner and also how relatively close his shop is …. 🤷🏻‍♂️. Hoping I have a fairly simple fix on my hands…..
Wish I knew about this forum a year and a half ago…. I’d have known about him sooner and also how relatively close his shop is …. 🤷🏻‍♂️. Hoping I have a fairly simple fix on my hands…..
Your in the best of hands😎👍
Live and learn, a process I'm sure all can attest hurts the wallet. Thankfully there are places where you can go, like this site to get the honest answers and proper direction.... Thanks for that folks!!! I was fortunate to meet up with Dave yesterday, he spent the better part of his afternoon going through my stuff. Valve by valve, spring by spring, section by section.... as I watched pieces I spent hard earned money on get filed into the garbage can.... and the tally of new TBPT parts rack up!!!! He was extremely fair, extremely thorough and generous with his time....I don't have an unlimited budget and he worked around what I could afford, to give me the pieces to help make the trans live.... Thanks Dave!!! I will begin the reassembly today and will post an update when I get it back in the car.... Thanks again..
Well I put it all back together yesterday…. Ran it up on the Jack stands and lo and behold I have all four gears…..it was late afternoon and I was qt or so light on fluid so I didn’t test drive it. Topped it off this morning and took it for a twenty minute ride with some pit stops to adjust TV a couple clicks…. Works AWESOME 😎…. No banging on down shifts, chirping 1-2 positive 2-3 and at part throttle angle it shifts firm and earlier so my wife won’t break her neck lol 😂. I’m a very happy customer. Thx again Dave! Now I can cruise in the spring!!!
Dave is the best !! I took my trans to him for repair of a snapped input shaft . Expecting to just drop it off and chat a bit , he proceeded to tare it down to bare bones including valve body out and completely stripped to bare housing . He replaced all broken & worn parts plus installed some new upgrades that he has made that no one else has . I swear he could build a 200 4R with his eyes closed . 10 hrs after starting I was loading my trans back in the car . I installed it , called Dave for break in procedure & TV adj and it drives and shifts perfect . Dave was on the phone with me the whole time during TV adjustment because he wanted it perfect .