2-3 shift at part throttle



sometimes when i'm going at part throttle the tranny feels at if it shifts twice. This is only during the 2-3 shift. But it doesn't happen all the time. Whats causing the tranny to shift as if it shifting twice during the 2-3 shift?:confused:
Have you ruled out the possibility that it could be the TCC applying? If not, temporarily disconnect it (or lightly ride the brake pedal) to keep it off and see.
Can the TCC do that? Well I'll go try what you said and post back
ok went for a test and with the brakes lightly applied the same thing happend. what else could it be?:confused:
This could be tricky. Could you provide a brief background on your transmission's history? i.e. all stock?, shift kit?, rebuilt?, modifications?, miles on unit?, etc.
car has 51,000 miles now. I assume its still the stock original tranny with a shift kit(Dynotech brand). I don't think there are any mods to it.