2-3 shift


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May 26, 2001
i have a built 2004r. Its a CZF monte ss trans. I did a lot of work to it and it shifted way to hard for me. So i took a stock a stock VB and spacer plate from a CRF trans because the shift kit i put in had me drill holes etc. I have alto cluthes kolene steels borg warner band 10 vane pump .500 boost valve ... Any way 1-2 shift if great it is not so hard like it was annoying, 3-4 shift is great, but like im learning as with others on the board the 2-3 shift is funky. Flair, delay, i dunno what you wanna call it but when it is shifting to 3rd it takes too long. Not like it takes too long to shift into the gear... the 3rd gear shift it self. What would remedy this problem. I still have the old czf vb with all the special springs and what not from the shift kit. The ONLY thing i want to improve is the 2-3 shift. Thanks, For all the help.
a 200 3 speed servo will clean up third along with a good shift kit .as you can see under many posts ours is quickly becoming very popular because it works properly.www.ckperformance.com and put back the czf if you are spinning the motor above 5200.
were can i buy the 3speed servo? Also 4200rpm is redline. I have this transmission behind a 500cid cadillac motor. Will your shift kit mess with all the gears. I love the way everything else is. I even have it shifting at 4000rpm with the governor i put in and rear gears. Just dont like the lazy 3rd gear shift, Thanks, Ian