2 for 1


Mar 17, 2002
On my way back tonight from looking at my new '66 Coronet I just bought, (no I'm not a mopar fan, but the miles so low and the price so right I had to buy it) a yellow healthy sounding S-10 pick-up blows by me in my GN. He was probably doing 75 to my 50, so I did my best to catch up to him without looking to eager
:cool: As I slowly catch up, I can see his fuel pump and braided lines hanging from underneath, and his skinnies up front and fatties out back. I pull into the right lane and ride right next to him doing about 70 hoping that he would slow down a little, but he gives it two quick blips of the throttle and we both hit it. I pull on him rather quickly which surpised me because of how this thing looked and sounded. I kept waiting for him to hit the NOS or somthing but it never happened. We reach town, and as I'm at the light behind him (another car is beside him) I can hear his rumpy idle and the high stall coverter as he leaves. At the next light, I am beside the S-10 we both take off at the green. Before I get through 2nd gear it's over. I back off 'cause I already have 2 cars on him and pulling away easily.
As he does his fly-by, I look in my rearview mirror and see a ricer trying to make his way up to me. Luckily, we both catch the next light. I try to make out what kind of rice it was but only saw a red R next to the emblem. The light was already changing so I didn't have time to see it, though the car looked Maxima or Altima like. This was over before my car even shifted into 2nd gear. I was running about 17 psi of boost on 93 Sunoco (thanks power plate) and it was about 30 degrees outside. Either my GN was running real strong tonight, or both those things were real dogs. (I expected that out of the rice, but the S-10 had me a little concerned). Also took the GSX out earlier to the 1st cruise night of the season, and there were 2 GN's and 2 T's there. Not bad for only about 100 cars or so.
It would be nice to hear the GSX run that s-10.

There is some guy here with a blown red s-10, I saw him last summer but the Silverado was not up to the task:p
Hope to run across him this year:D
nice kills! those noisy azz chevys are my favorite kills. i had a similiar race a year ago with a 71 chevelle with a big ol cam and a big ol electric fuel pump hanging just where everyone can see it. i wasted him and the look on his face was priceless!
Hey pal.......

........that was me!!!

I just painted my truck Yellow and moved to PA!

That was my 2.8L that had that "healthy" sound!

NAAAA, I wish, thats cool, I love the V8 S-10's. Nothings better than hearing a little cracker box fire it up, and what you get in return is a nice fat idle, and wonderful V8 sound.

I wanted to do that with my truck, but i'm thinking about swapping a 4.3L into it, supercharging it, (gotta have something I can control) and making it a street fighter.

I would say good kill (well it is) but S-10's are my pride and joy, and V8 S-10's can't be shyed down upon, like them unholy ricers.
hey 1970gsx,
what's the story on the "power plate" I've seen a few references to them here and there, but never really heard exactly what they are. TIA.
ncgreg231, the power plate goes between the upper plenum and intake to redirect the airflow to even the distribution of air to each cylinder. Odd looking thing but really works well for me.

more info

Who sells them, how much do they cost and will they work with the hemcos? (sorry, maybe this should be in tech...) I don't have a hemco right now, but it seems like folks who used them were happy with their results.
You can buy them from loveridgemachine.com. Cost is 65 bucks shipped. They do not have them for the Hemco.