2 Gauge and 3 Gauge A Pillar Gauge Pod


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Off my 86 GN That was recovered after being stolen. Pulled off Monday. 3 Gauge pod is less than 2 months old. 3 Gauge has minor scratches from install and removal, nothing touch up paint can't fix if yuo can even tell when installed.

2 Gauge pod was on car originally and I would say a few years old. Top Hole was "enlarged" a little but a 2 1/16" Guage still fit fine. Slight scratches and black "tar" residue from windshield install adhesive.

2 Gauge $ 35 shipped

3 Gauge $47.50 Shipped :)

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Does the 3 gauge fit better if you remove your a-pillar trim or if you just put it on top of the factory one?