2 questions

Lee Thompson

New Member
May 24, 2001
#1-- Any reason I can/t take any governor, Use a set of gram scales, and mill the weights down to the same weight as the brf, Install the correct blue brf spring, correct drive gear and have a brf gov?
#2-- use this gov. a cz vb. and a Superior Super Servo and have a trans that will work behind my turbo motor.
I/m not opposed to going into the vb to change shift points.

Thanks in advance
It can work.

No reason at all you shouldn't be able to make that work. Hold off on fiddling with the valve body as you should be able to get good shift points without having to do so.

Don't forget about the TV boost valve and PR spring as well.

Or ........... for 99.00 you can make a phone call and get a new one right away....:):):)