2 Steel or a copper head gaskets??


Sep 3, 2003
I'm ready to take the block and heads to the machine shop and was thinking about going copper. Does copper seal better than the two steel gaskets? I was also thinking if I were to buy aluminum heads in the future, would it be a problem with a copper gasket/O ringed block? Basicly is it a do one thing can't do the other deal?

Thanks, Danny
You DO NOT WANT copper HGs on a 109 block. How much hp are you planning on making??? Which would you rather happen:blow a HG or split a block and ruin it and the internals???Comectics or 2 84-85 HGs per side or the Fel Pros you can get that are factory replacement. Do a search. Copper is bad. And im not even going to talk about leaks. I know some one might disagree.

Just my $.02 cents.

BTW I use Comectics and so do alot of others.Supposed to be the best.At least costly if you blew HGs alot.Also think Race Jace makes HG setup.
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You DO NOT WANT copper HGs on a 109 block. How much hp are you planning on making???

:eek: I originally planned on running low 11's but now I gonna shoot for mid 10's with ECM. I ask because in the near future i'll get a F.A.S.T. system and want to take it even farther. So I guess copper does seal better, just not safer:confused:

Many people have run 10s on the factory HGs. Copper seals combustion great,too good. Itll kill the block if you detonate bad.And it might not seal.Id rather have a fuse thatd blow to save my engine.
i'm definitely gona use the steel HG's now, but would you happen to know how far someone has gone with the steel HG's? Maybe 9.50's or better on a stock block, not saying i'm gonna do that but just wondering.

Thanks again
Lawrance Conley used to use the steel trick way back.Ever since I changed to Jasons set up and got my injectors goin about 80% D.C. I havent blown one !.I used to be close to the king of head gasket blowing other than Mean Scott:D
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Hey broke 1, are you running an AOD trans? Sorry to get off topic.

Yes I am running an AOD or at least will be once the cars together.

No one running in the 9 second range that I know of is using copper gaskets.Matter of fact never heard of anyone running copper except Lee Thompson. So either theyre using MLS (multi layer steel) or a setup like Race Jaces or stockers.