200-4R with all CK performance upgrades for sale (Just built)


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I'm going to sell the 200-4R project I had going for my 1970 442 tribute.
For those wondering why, I'm selling my Olds drivetrain for an LSX upgrade.

So I have an upgraded 1982 Valve bodied 200-4R with
1. CK Performance billet forward input drum ($350)
2. CK Performance level 2 rebuild kit ($450)
3. Shift Super Servo ($150)
4. Shaved OD piston for adding 3rd friction plate to 4th.
5. Also put the new drive and driven gears for 3.73

This has been a project for me since Feb and I'm nearing completion.
Everything has been spec'd to CK performance manual as well as the 200-4R rebuild DVD.

I'm looking to find a new home for it.
If anyone's interested email me @ Nastyz28@gmail.com and bump the thread.

I'm selling my engine as well as you will see here
Sorry, I thought it showed my location. Chicago NW Suburbs
Price just looking to get back what I have in it. Not looking to make a profit.

Call it $1000 even + shipping. No warranty implied.
I can ship it if need be but will need a zip code to get shipping quotes.

Things to also make note of.
I did the dual feeding modification, and welded the 2nd bolt closed by the parking linkage
for the center support . I also have the upgraded aluminum piston inside the input
drum. Several updates to the trans that were not stock for it's model year. Chris also
hooked me up with a new speedo bullet. Also completely tore down the Valvebody,
cleaned it and lubed it. Every bushing pressed out and replaced with new. Every check
ball valve checked and cleaned as well.
I did. I'm not a transmission builder by trade. I'm just an enthusiast who
bought everything , including CK's manual, and all the stuff to do it.

That's why I'm only selling it as a project for what I have in the trans.
If a trans shop built this it would be nearly 2x the cost with a warranty.

It's nearing completion so I'm selling it as a project OR I can finish it , whichever is more beneficial to the buyer.
Thanks for being honest. Just a suggestion, you might want to offer some kind of warranty, probably would help.
Yeah, I hear ya.
Transmissions are a tough thing to sell without a warranty guaranteeing it won't blow up.

I'm not even 100% done building it yet. It's 80% complete, should have
said that in the 1st post. I guess I need to finish it and then come back
and relist it after it's 100% tested.
If you part it out I'll take the billet forward drum , just a thought . Was it a TB tranny and does it have our high dollar valve body ( BRF) ? Thanks