2004 4R 'BRF' out of a 1987 Buick G/N

Sep 27, 2010
I have the tranny still in the car,if you live local come and drive it.

My reason for selling it is because about 1 month ago i took my car to a tranny shop just to have it serviced,they replaced the filter/fluid for $193.00

Everything was ok and then 4 days later i went to pass a car when i was driving about 45mph,then the tranny kicked down to second gear and just flashed NO More tranny

I remove the tranny and found that the stator support was stripped.

So i relaced the pump/hardened stator support,and replced the converter and filter/fluids

Now the car slips into 2nd and the same with 3rd,but it goes into 4th normally.

Under wot the car hangs up 1st to second and i have no idea about going into 3rd because i take my foot out of it.

I have decided to just replace the tranny.

Im located about 30 minutes north east of Orlando

I still have the original Converter and pump,i never swapped over the springs when i put in the new pump <maybe i should have>

$500.00 local pick up preferred