2004r check ball and governor Q


Is that a Monte Carlo?
Sep 3, 2001
Hello all,

Does anyone know if the check ball and retainer that is in the front of the input shaft is available at a transmission parts supply house or do I have to find one out of another transmission? Also, how is this removed.

How will the transmission be affected If the spring on the governor is installed on the large side of the governor instead of the small?

Thanks for the help!
we do stock and sell the check ball.the trans wont shift without the spring on the small end unless the engine can spin 7000 plus rpms.
More questions

I guess that explains why this 84 BQ transmission wouldn't shift until a really high rpm.

Are the BQ and the BRF governor the same. Reading other posts it sounds like the BQ has a spring on both sides and the BRF has one spring only on the small side, Is this correct?

The one I pulled out of my 84 transmission only had a silver colored spring on the big side, but the one I pulled from another 85 BQ trans only had the blue spring on the small side. Also, my 84 BQ has a white paint marking on the VB, but the 85 BQ has a pink/purple paint marking on it, but both VBs were stamped BQ. Were all the BQ's the same?

Thanks again,