2004R street strip trans with brake


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Jul 4, 2001
I have two to sell. Both CZ MonteSS units.
Both are the same internally, with the exception of 1 being a non lock up.
Both have 10 vane pumps, 550 and 400 booster valves, pump ring kit, Alto clutches (extra throughout) and wide red band. These trans have special calibration (shift kit) and a "case stretcher" servo to provide nice firm, positve shifts. Both units also have transbrakes as well. The drums and input shafts are hardened. Also,the lock up unit has the correct wiring for the converter lock up feature in a GN with a black plug, and speedo gears are correct for 3.42 gears.
Price is $1450 each + $150 shipping. With the right converter, both of these trannies will live in the 10 second zone, or around 600hp. Slightly more with the non lock up version. Feedback can be viewed in the "feedback" area on this board.
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Thank you, Brian Hofer hipsibri@cs.com
I can put something together for you no sweat whenever you are ready...
I would like to see these go to make more room.
I will do $1500 icluding shipping on these.
Thanks for looking, Brian
I also have a BRF trans to sell with no transbrake, and 694 servo.
This unit will have a quick shift, nice and firm. Same internals as above. $1500 outright + $150 shipping, no core needed in return.

**2004R with billet drum**
Also, I have a MonteSS trans with a CK Perf billet drum, and deep cast aluminum pan.This has my "case srtetcher" servo and is fully race/street prepped, and ready to go. Same internals but ready for serious abuse. Price is $2100 outright, + $150 shipping.

Please mail me directly, at: hipsibri@cs.com
Thank you, Brian Hofer

Thanks Brian ............ Rec'd the tranny info you sent me.
l'll be glad to point others in your direction.
BW Jones