2004R Transmission Code


Oct 18, 2007
I have a 2004R transmission in my 57 chevy with KTF on the transmission plate. Can you tell me what this transmission was used in. Thanks.
Does it have a Gm service sticker on it ?
I think its from a oldsmobile 307 v8 car.
Here are a few threads that may or may not help:

I found this From a 2008 post KTF 200r4
That trans is from a Cadillac with an Olds engine. The valvebody and govenor are not suited for turbo applications especially with bigger gears like 3.42's in our cars. The shift timing will be way off and it's difficult to modify it to make it work properly. I have a couple of those transmissions in my shop. You will need the valvebody and govenor out of a high performance trans from a GN, Hurst Olds, or SS Monte.
I think the governor is bad in mine as I have to shift 1 to 2 manually or it bogs going to second.
I'd like a better description of the symptoms. Have you dropped the pan and inspected the gov and its bits? Sounds more like the shift timing is goofed up. Has the unit been worked on?
The 2004R has been in my 57 for 16 years and was a rebuilt before it was put in. No, the pan has not been removed since installed. The trans has about 10,000 miles on it since installation. The TV cable was readjusted per UTUBE instructions, but 1-2 shifts are still bad, so shifting manually. So a friend suggested that the governor my be bad. So, any help in diagnosing the problem is appreciated. The 57 has stock 350 engine.
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so, it has never shifted differently than what you are describing? still sounds like a shift timing problem in that vb or the servo on the side of the trans. might have a mismatched vb/gov combo.
I'd be dropping the pan and inspecting that governor. probably needs a fluid n filter change anyway.