2004r trouble


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Oct 3, 2010
My 200r4 has a bad vibration shutter a WOT . The transmission was in park for 20 minutes while breaking in my new camshaft at 2000rpms, the transmission was not full of fluide at the time. What damage may have this caused. I think the converter or pump went. It still shifts normal at part throttle. Can anyone suggest what may be wrong? I dont have the funds to purchase another transmission this is a CK performance 2004r with just 142 miles on it.
The transmission cannot be run for any length of time without oil in it without causing extensive damage to the transmission.Although the transmission is in car tested,it is drained prior to shipment and the transmission should be filled immediately on start up.You will need no remove transmission and have it repaired.

While under my car today preparing to remove the transmission I noticed a white line across the black painted transmission. When I removed the transmission I dicovered that the white line was actually a severe crack in the transmission case that runs almost across the entire upper part of the transmission case from passenger side to drivers side. It is obvious that this is what was causing the severe vibration I was getting while driving the car at mid 3000rpms. Since the transmission shifted fine can the cracked case be the main trouble and not the enternal parts from wear? This case is definately unsafe and unusable. I wonder if this was a bad Case with a hairline crack at the edge prior to install and spread under load conditions.

P.S. Please respond to this e-mail. I was going to bring you the transmission tommorrow Friday 10-8-2010 but I will not make the drive from Maryland unless you will be there.


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