200C/350C torque converters


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May 30, 2001
Will a 350C torque converter fit and work on a 200C transmissions-are they interchangeable?
This just came up recently. Apparently the 350s have a different spline count than the 200s. So, in a word, no.
I keep hearing you can use a 200c , a 350 c or a 400 trans in our cars-why wouldnt the splines be the same?
The 200c and 200-4R converters use the same size converter, 295mm. The hubs on the 350/c/400 converters are all different and won't fit. 350/400 use 30 spline input shafts. 200/c/200-4R all use 27 spline input shafts.
I dont understand this because i had a 231 N/A block with a 200c trans and had a 350 trans installed. how could this be if they have different sline counts?
bbbad6 said:
the th-200c is a waste of time if you ask me.

no personal experience here....
but is that the "metric 200 3 speed" ?
i got too know a stock eliminator driver and he told me that its a popular choice for there cars. he (Chuck Norton) uses one in his record setting and breaking low 9 sec SS/IA '97 firebird