200r4 noise


May 25, 2001
Lately i've been hearing what appears to be an electrical type short sound coming from the trans when it is cold, mostly when in reverse but sometime I hearing it in drive. Once I start driving it around and it warms up it goes away. The lock up solenoid is unplugged on the side of the case so there should be no electricity going to the transmission.

Once warm the trans works flawlessly.

Any ideas whats going on?

Pump making a buzzing sound?
There's no other electrical connection other than the TCC plug on the Trans.
Bad Engine grounds can cause the Shifter linkage/cable & Driveshaft to become a ground path. This can cause the Cable to bind/stick and internal bearing/bushing damage to Trans.
Have you looked at your exhaust clamps? I had a similar problem with a guys car. He could figure out why it made the same noise. Ended up being the pipes rattling on each other due to a loose clamp. Once it heated up, the metal expanded and the noise went away. just an idea for ya!! ----Jeremy;)