200r4 question


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I have a question about a transmission swap I have a 200r trans that I'm swapping out for the 200r4 trans I have the crossmember already and the only thing that I am stumped over is the torque converter electric plug the one that I have on the car is a 2 wire the one on the tranny I want to use has 3 wires what do I need to do to make this swap work right? Thanks for any info.
You can change the Harness Pigtail Plug or the Trans case Connector. The Case connector is easier to find.
Depending on how it's wired internally it may work correctly with the 2-Pin plug in 3-Pin Connector. May have to trim/ad slits on Pins so it's clocked correctly.
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Easiest way is to replace the Case Connector with a 1-Pin/Spade terminal connector from a TH400 and use a N/O Normally Open 4th gear pressure switch.
12V+ to the Spade Pin to TCC Solenoid Red+ wire, Solenoid Black- wire to 4th Switch. When the Trans shifts to 4th the TCC will lockup.
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