200R4 slipping


Just re-assembled my trans, worked OK in the beginning but now has stopped pulling. What do I check for first?
Fluid level, pressures, and cable adjustment. Good luck.

A side note-- Your description is extremely general. Does 'not pulling' mean no drive in any gear, all shifts soft, 1-2 only soft etc.?
Questions with specifics better lend themselves to answers by the experts, one of whom I definitely am not.
Thanks for your input. Level is OK, I have no way to check fluid pressure and I believe the cable to be adjusted close enough for trans to operate. Trans was shifting and seemed to operate correctly, then the car stopped. Car now will not move in any gear.
What were you doing when it let go? A 10 second pass, or just putzing around town?

Unless you were stressing the trans heavily, Bison has likey got the answer. (I think you can yank a cooler line to see if the pump is still working, but that is from an aging memory of something read, not experience). The stock pump uses a couple of cast iron rings, which break when they decide it is time. Hardened steel replacements cure that little problem, but chances are you will need a pump at this point.

Check out Bruces sticky- Strengthening the 2004R- for things that go away under stress.

Chris has a good manual out on rebuilds and mods (phone CKPerformance if interested).

Re-assembled the trans utilizing Chris's manual. Was idling along approx. 50 mph. Maybe something related to the pump did break. Thanks for all the input. Maybe its time for a new one.
Well, if you have his manual, you know as much as I do... more if you were able to read all the fine print.

You are certainly welcome, and Sorry the rebuild didn't work out.