2011 Pontiac Turbo Trans Am Reunion! Hebron, Ohio 7/30/2011

I made a map for those who have not been to this track yet. Check the map out and you'll be a seasoned professional when you roll in! :cool:

The event typically ends Sunday late afternoon / night depending on race classes and such, but I will inquire with the powers that be about the security on site for Sunday night.

The BPG don't really offer on-line purchasing just to keep things simple for them to operate and track. I have attached the form in this post. Print it out and send in your money and your good! Join the BPG and save some money as well! :cool:

Jim, I hate to tell ya, but the form is still missing the Member Special pricing for 3-day spectator only for $45. I take it that is what my wife will need as I will get the 3-day show/spectator.
Post #23 on this thread and the flyer on Post#26 both say "3-day Member pass $45" This option is missing on the Form on here and the form posted in the BPG link above....or do I just buy the 3-day spectator member pass at the gate??
again there is no pre-registration for the 3 day member pass...you pay at the gate
I got a great phone call today! The editor from High Performance Pontiac called me and they want to do a article on the event!! They were on the fence for awhile about running something on the event after it happens but even they are hearing about the buzz that is in the air about the event! While it's costly to bring a photographer up from Tampa where they are from, I'm going to have a few photographers at the event shooting some really good stuff for them. So shine those TTA's up and make them look pretty because your car just might make High Performance Pontiac!!
Bill Owen to attend the TTA reunion!!!

You heard right! We have secured none other then Bill Owen to attend and speak at the TTA reunion! This is HUGE! I talked to Scott Kelly about Bill attending and Scott told me Bill can even fill in more gaps and voids about the history of the TTA's! I tried to get Bill back when I started planning the reunion and we just made it happen. Here is a short piece on Bill's experience with the TTA's....

1. His decision to put FWD Cylinder heads (3800) on RWD block so engine could fit in the TTA engine bay.

2. Stopped vibration in the car by using a torque arm bar (for lack of a better word) from rear axle housing to rear of transmission, and use a flex plate on the cross member to connect it all together.

3. Designed right side exhaust manifold (prototype will be displayed at our event).

4. Did most of the drag strip and dyno testing of virtually every TTA made.

5. His idea to use bigger fuel pump (which became reality).

6. His decision to use a cross-drilled crank, which they did.

Further information about Bill can be found here....

Bill Owen

I must say guys. If you are an owner and or enthusiasts of these cars if you ever do anything in your life THIS is the event to be at. The amount of special guest we now have speaking at this event is just mind blowing. You will NEVER find these guys all together at another event like this. Don't miss out! Fly, Drive, do whatever you need to do to get to the reunion. Money can not buy what you'll learn at this event! The stories and parts you'll see and hear will make history. It's amazing how the buzz for this event has blown up. Don't be sorry you missed out after this history making event it over. We are just about to the one month count down! I can't wait!! See you in Ohio in a month!!
Head on out to the bookstores and pick up the latest edition of High Performance Pontiac before this rare copy sells out! Check out our bada$$ add for the event this month!! How cool is that! :cool: 17 days to go to make some history!!! :cool:


Hawks 3rd Gen is going to attend and be a vendor at the reunion!

Hawks Third Gen Parts

Anyone who wants to place orders for pickup is welcome to and will not be charged any shippig cost and will also receive discounts. E-mail jeni@hawksthirdgenparts.com with orders. @@@@@That is HUGE savings for anyone wanting larger parts such as spoilers, etc!
Schedule of events. This may be tweaked here and there but it's the basic lay out as of now...


10 am - Gates and tech open

11 am-10 pm - Open test and tune in designated lanes

2 pm - First call for Gamblers race. All makes and models

($20) entrance fee with 100% payback to winner and runner up

2:30 pm - Second Round Gamblers race

3 pm - First call Qualifying for Q16 and turbo heads up classes

4 pm - Third round of Gamblers race (run round robin from this point on w/test and tune cars ran in-between to give a little cool down time)

5 pm - 1st Qualifying call for BCO

6 pm - Last Qualifying round call, for the day, for Q16 and turbo heads up

6 pm - 10pm -- Test and tune for all makes and models


7:30am - Gates open

8am - 12pm -- BPG Car Show/Display

10am - Tech opens

12pm - Guest Speaker Presentations start at Jegs Suite (Drag Strip Tower 2nd Floor) The Buick speakers will be first up and Scott Kelly to follow. Scott will be on around 3pm. There is also a slight chance Scott Kelly may speak near the car show area instead of the suite but there is a PA loud speaker system around the track so any and all changes off this list will be blasted over the track PA system.

12 Noon - First Qualifying round call for Q16 and Turbo Heads Up classes

1pm - First Qualifying for BCO (MUST have 2 qualifying passes to participate)

1:30 - Car Show Winners announced at BPG tent

2pm - TTA photo shoot time! We will have the TTA owners set up their cars for pictures for Pontiac High Performance. So at this time you want to be around your cars for further instructions on where to go with your car for pictures! We will need every TTA present for this! This gives everyone time to wrap up their car show displays and grab some lunch!

3pm - Second and LAST Qualifying call for BCO and Scott Kelly speaks in the Jegs suite at the track

3:30 - First call for Big Boat Challenge Race (round robin until final round)

4pm - First call for Charity Race (cars MUST be tech’d before round call) round robin until final round

4:30 - First call for Gamblers race (round robin until final round)

5pm - Last Qualifying for Q16 and Turbo Heads Up classes

6pm - Final round call for Big Boat Challenge, Charity Race and Gamblers race)

6pm - FIRST round of BCO (round robin until complete)

3pm - 9pm -- Open test and tune in-between classes (should have a lot of time for

Time trials)

9pm - Time to start shutting down and head out to socialize


8am - Gates Open with tech opening 9am

9am - Time trials

10am - 1st Qualifying call for Q16 and Turbo Heads Up classes

11am - Final Qualifying call for Q16 and Turbo Heads up class

12pm - Lanes closed for track prep

12pm - Drivers meeting at the base of the tower

12:30 - ALL eliminations begin, you will be called to designated lanes.

Open test and tune to be ran between all classes.

Keep in mind we are also working on other Q&A sessions in the Jegs suite for Friday afternoon. We are still working that out so stay tuned but I'm sure someone will be speaking on Friday as well!
Show Classes at the reunion / layout

Just an FYI:

Going to keep it fairly simple for the show/display. Stock and Modified class. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. 100 point judging for these classes. They also have a over all concourse class for all the cars that attend if anyone wants in on that as well. That is a 300 point judging system.

On the show field we'll have the front rows the festival cars, then stock cars, then modified TTA's. Once you come in the gate head on over to the show area and someone will park you in the show/display area.

Also there will be the special awards below picked by the information filled out on your registration sheets. Scott Kelly will personally pick the others listed below...

Furthest TTA Driven
Furthest TTA Trailered
The Rarest TTA
Best of show all STOCK TTA
Best of show MODIFIED
Lowest Mile TTA
Highest Mile TTA
That's a sweet set-up JIm. Nice trailer! The TTA looks like candy!!
Take alot of pics and vids.
The big weekend is finally here! Can't wait! 2 years plus in the making to bring the TTA's back together again! :cool: