2011 Pontiac Turbo Trans Am Reunion! Hebron, Ohio 7/30/2011


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Aug 24, 2003
22 years later and this is it!! If you are a 1989 Pontiac Turbo Trans Am owner or just an enthusiast this is the event you want to be at. In conjunction with BPG The Buick Performance Group This is the event you have been waiting for!

The official 1989 Pontiac Turbo Trans Am Reunion Party!

July 29th, 30th, and 31st. The show/display will be on Saturday July 30th.

Where: National Trail Raceway National Trail Raceway

It will be over 22 years that these cars have all been in one place at the same time and it's time to get them all back together again and be a part of it! There is a lot planned for this event and I will be adding to this thread in time as things fall into place.

The reason we set this date so far in advance is so everyone can get a truck and trailer lined up if needed to get to this event. You have plenty of time plan and we hope to see over 100 TTA's in one place again if not more!

Hotel Information:


Hampton Inn Security Provided
1008 Hebron Rd
Heath, OH 43056

Holiday Inn Express Security Provided
773 Hebron Road
Heath, OH 43056
Trailer Parking

Quality Inn Security provided
733 Hebron Road
Heath, OH 43056
(740) 522-1165
Trailer Parking


Red Roof Inn Security Provided
10668 Lancaster Road
Hebron, OH 43025


Courtyard by Marriott Security Provided
500 Highland Blvd
Newark, OH 43055

Cherry Valley Lodge & CoCo Key West Water Resort
2299 Cherry Valley Rd
Newark, OH 43055

Granville Inn
314 E. Broadway
Granville, OH 43023

The Place Off The Square
50 N Second St
Newark, OH 43055

There are other hotels in the area if you want to google the area. The host hotel sells out fast so you might want to get all your hotel information set up far in advance! There is security at the track 24/7 the entire event. So I would go right to the track with your car and trailer and leave them both at the track if your coming in for the weekend. Then you can just use your tow vehicle to drive back and forth to the hotel. The hotels are about a 10 min drive to the track. There is plenty of fast food and quality restaurants in the area.

Car Show and display:
Saturday July 30th

The car show will consist of a 100 point judging system. The BPG will give out trophies and we will have some special trophies as well. There will also be goodie bags to EVERY TTA that enters the show/display. There will also be a FREE special limited edition event t shirt given out to every TTA that enters the show and display!! This is my contribution to this event. Everyone loves a free t ****! The special limited edition shirts will also be for sale at the event. The folks at Indy 500 have already sent me some door prizes to give away as well for the event.

The reason we call this a show and display because it's all about the cars. Even if your TTA is no where near a show car it's all about bringing it out and putting it on display and giving everyone that attends this even to enjoy your TTA with all the other TTA's that are there. Not to mention to be a part of this once in a life time huge event!

Some of the special awards will be....

Furthest TTA Driven: The car that is driven to this event from the furthest point to Ohio.

Furthest TTA Hauled out:
The TTA that is hauled in from the furthest point to the event.

The Rarest TTA: If one of the TTA verts show up and or the hard top TTA's present would be considered for this.

Best of show Stock: The stock one that sets it's self apart from the others. Could be a car "still in the wrapper" Or just a super clean stocker.

Best of show modified: The best modified TTA present. Get those race cars ready!

Lowest Mile TTA:
The TTA that is present with the lowest miles.

Highest Mile TTA: The TTA that is present with the highest miles.

If you can think of any other special awards you would like at this event please let me know and we will consider them!

**One thing to keep in mind is that you MUST have a UL approved fire extinguisher in an easily accessible place in the vehicle! It does not have to be mounted in the car but it MUST be present! Some guys put them in front of the driver side tire or just lay it on the floor in the back on the passenger side. But there must be a UL approved extinguisher within reach that can be seen. This is one of the rules of the BPG and it's for everyone's safety.**

Special Guest:
I am working with the folks at the Indy 500 trying to get some special guest to come out to this event for autographs and such. I have some good leads but if you have some leads please let me know and I will pursue them as well. This will build as time goes along and I will update any new and solid information in this thread.

Rain Date:
While there is no rain date for this event with BPG I have made special arrangements to get this event a rain date! I want to see this reunion go off next year no matter what! I just think no matter what these cars deserve an event like this no matter what mother nature may have in mind for us in 2011. I have teamed up with Sue of the Trans Am Nationals and IF we get rained out at the July 30th 2011 BPG event in Ohio we will piggy back with Sue and their crew of the Trans Am Nationals and have this event at their location in Dayton Ohio. I spoke with Sue and as of now they don't have a date set for the 2011 Trans AM Nationals but when they do make a date I will add it in this thread and that will be used ONLY if we get a rain out on the July 30th 2011 date in Ohio.

Ideas, Input, Suggestions, Questions: If you have any please post them in this thread. This thread will grow and change as this event gets closer. You can always PM me as well if you need to.

Can You Make This Event?:
If you can make this event or plan to please post in this thread. Let us know if your going to bring a car or just spectate. I would like to get a head count of the members and cars here that are going to attend just to get an idea. The BPG also has extended the offer that the TTA can also have their own race class at this event for you guys who like to race your TTA's. Their pay outs are one of the biggest around! So if your a show guy or a race guy we have you covered and that is why we chose this location and event to have this huge reunion at!

We need YOU! Anyone you know with a TTA or who may have one you need to pass the word around! We are working on a flyer for this event that I will post here and we will also make a .PDF of it so you can print a few out and take them to the track or shows with you and when you see other TTA owners just drop one in his car or let him know about this event! In the coming months I will submit this reunion on as many car sites as I can. You can link back to this thread as well. But we need each and every owner to get the word out and let everyone know!

I have reached out to every car magazine out there to let them know about this event. I am working with Hemmings to cover it along with Pontiac Enthusiast magazine. Please don't be shy! If you know anyone or have any e-mail contact for any car magazine out there please let me know and I will pursue them as well. I want this event to show up everywhere!

Many TTA owners always say the TTA never gets the respect it deserves, will now it's time to give the TTA the respect it deserves and we all know that respect comes in numbers! So mark your calander and get your truck and trailer lined up and ready to go to be a part of one of the biggest showing of the 1989 Pontiac Turbo Trans AM ever in history at the 1989 Pontiac Turbo Trans Am reunion!!
wait - we need a fire extinguisher in our car if we show up? even if we're not there to race or anything???
wait - we need a fire extinguisher in our car if we show up? even if we're not there to race or anything???

It's basic rules at just about any track out there if your going to enter an event at a track be it a race and or show/display you need one in the car. It's also for your safety and others around you. If you going to display/show your car like Jason said just buy one at Pep Boys or Auto Zone and lay it on the floor in the car.

I know of 4 GN's burn to the ground and I know of 2 TTA's that burnt to the ground in the years I've been around these cars. If they or people around them had fire extinguishers they still might have their cars. It's one of those things you don't really think about but very good to have at hands reach.

I was also at a car show one summer and a guy pulled in with a 69 Chevelle SS. He backed in his spot in the show, reved the car a few times, it backfired, and the engine caught on fire. Several guys around him sprung into action with their fire extinguishers and put the fire out in seconds. If it was not for them having one in their show cars that car would have burnt to the ground as well.

Personally I have a fire extinguisher in everything I own. Show or daily driver it's just a cheap item you can have in your car or truck and when something goes wrong it might save you or your passengers in the car. I've pulled over on the highway a few times over the years to help put out a car fire.
Ive raced at over a dozen tracks In multiple states and never needed an extinguisher before

Cars dont just shoot up in flames by themselves if its that unsafe i think im going to sell it
I fully intend on going !!!

Every Hot Rod should have a fire extinguisher...especialy turbo & alky cars !
Every Hot Rod should have a fire extinguisher...especialy turbo & alky cars !

Had mine since day 1.

Just too easy and cheap not to have one.

Moderator can you please stick this thread. Thank you...

So how many of you guys are going to bring your cars out to this event? I'm sure nothing like this is ever going to happen again! This is one of those once in a life time events for anyone that owns a TTA now is the time. Even if it's not running bring it out! Project cars, Race cars, Show cars, we want them all! The BPG has also offered that we can have our own race class for this event. We can touch more on that as it gets closer. I really hope anyone with a TTA that reads this thread can plan and get out to Ohio for this event. One of the main reasons I planned it almost 2 years in advance! :cool:

Just an update for this event.... Since this event is all weekend I'm working on a cruise night on Thursday or Friday somewhere around town for those that come in early in the week for the event.
Bring em out bring em out! Make sure you guys mark your calendars for this once in a lifetime event! Get your tow vehicle and trailers ready plenty of time to plan! The special guest list is climbing. I have someone on board who is going to blow you guys away with the information on the TTA. Let's just say this guy had his hands all over the TTA's when they were being built and can answer any question you could ever have about them!

At this point it looks like we will be setting up some seminars Q & A and tech sessions on the TTA's. We will have some never before seen TTA items, information, pictures and more on display as well at this event. Things are coming together more and more every day to make this event amazing. I'm really glad we planned this over a year in advance to make all this come together! :cool:
I have someone confirmed coming to this event now that will blow you away with the knowledge he has on these cars. We will have our Q&A session with him for sure. I'll make sure it's recorded as well. I will announce who it is later on in the year but you want won't to miss meeting and talking to him for sure!! :cool:
If you are coming to the reunion next year AND you are going to bring your TTA I thought it would be cool if everyone can take some time out between now and the reunion to write up a little history on your TTA.

Something simple in word or even note pad should be fine. I was thinking about getting it laminated as well. Office Max will laminate for about a buck. It can be just one page of information of your cars history as far back as you know and all the details about the path of it's history.

I think it would be cool to place something like this on the dash of your car while at the show/track everyday. This way people can come up and read the history of your TTA even if your not around.

These cars are all white TTA's in different conditions, but it's the story behind the car that make them unique! When I walk up to a TTA at a show and there is no owner around I always wonder what car number it is and the history behind it. Thought this would be something cool to do for all the cars in attendance!
A lot of people I've ran into at the local shows are committing to coming. Should be an awesome showing of TTA's for sure! We are almost at the one year away mark! The end of the month I'm going to post some of our confirmed special guests. They have agreed to autograph cars and take pictures with them and with the car owners, if you like. You guys are going to love who is going to show up for this event! Stay tuned! We are way over 100 TTA's confirmed as coming. Make sure you shop for your hotels as early as possible Hebron is going to be packed next year for sure! I just secured an enclosed trailer I can borrow for next year's event. I just have to beef up the back end of my truck a bit. Going from PA to Ohio is fairly flat thank god! I can't wait! :cool:
Well boys we are almost at the one year countdown mark for this once in a life time event!! I'm going to BPG this year with my 86 GN but I'll be looking around and dreaming about seeing the track and town packed with TTA's next year!!!

Stay tuned for the unveiling of our special guest that will be attending this event! Some of the art work will also be showing up very shortly!

Locally 4 new guys in my club (MAGNA) have purchased TTA's since the announcement of this event so they are all on board to bring their TTA's out next year. 2 of them are going to drive out using the car to take the wife and kids! Pretty cool that everything from low mile garage queen's to high mileage daily drivers will be there! The best of ALL worlds 20 some years later!