2013 Regal 2.0L Automatic trans fluid change.

I have a 2013 Regal with 41,000 miles. I know the owners manual states the trans should be serviced at 156,000. That's what GM wants, I want it done sooner. Does anyone know where the drain and fill plugs are? What type fluid should be used? Does it have a filter? What model is the 6 speed auto trans?
Am I the only one who is interested in servicing there transmission?
I do not have any experience with the new Regal but if you do not have a dipstick then the trans is sealed like most new cars. They now use synthetic trans fluid. I would question the 156K mile part from your dealer.
I'm not 100% certain but I thought there was a cap on the top of those sealed tranny's where you would add the fluid. As for a drain plug, I've never had a vehicle with one. I've always had to drop the pan. If there is a replaceable filter, you'll have to drop the pan anyway. Check your local parts store for a filter kit. If they have one you'll know it can be replaced.