2016 Fast List


Go on red!
May 7, 2002
Can you guys post up 2016 best ET's? I'm sittin' here watching the last of the snow melt waiting for my boat to arrive...
Here's mine so FAR.....


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heres mine
86 GN from a few weeks back dialing in for 10.0 index
..spun a little coming out has good mph at traps to place near the top ..
109 234cu irons TAI legal at 3490 29psi

and from wed night with the 87 ttopGN .
easy launch half passes lifting at the 1/8th for license test run at 20psi 109 235cu gn1s

not murhster fast but this was my three runs from yesterdays rental .
same tune and boost setting running a little over 21psi ..
something is going on with the solid roller.. the motor was eating cam sensors . lost one sensor per run , gear looks fine but the reluctor is getting spun off , lost one wed night made the passes without shutting it off until after last run and then it wouldnt restart , finally caught and started so i limped it home
. popped in a new one for the rental and it went out on first pass,(forgot to turn on C02 and i ran 6-7psi and i lifted and coasted after the 1/8th
wouldnt restart in the pits so popped in another for another pass .. didnt feel right at the 800ft so lifted still ran a 9 (@ 123) for the full pass requirement needing 9 sec or over 135.. so i parked it on the trailer and sure enough reluctor spun apart . was going to call it a day but i had another sensor (last one in the truck) so tossed it in for the last pass , sensor was gone before getting to the line ..made the pass anyway and managed get my final qualifying 9 sec pass .
rebuilt one of the sensors with an extra shim at base to limit movement .. drilled, pinned ( tigged the pin ) tightened up the lash setting and that seems a little better but cam sync says its moving around under throttle set it at 85 and it moved from that to 40 and 98 ..ill be yanking the front cover to have a look at the nose assembly and chain (rollmaster)