2018 Rule Discussion


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Sep 25, 2002
The official rule discussion for 2018 is open. Please remember to consider what is best for the entire class, not just yourself. If you have raced an TSM event in the last 2 years you have a vote.

Thanks to all the racers that make this class great!

Post here with ideas if there are any changes that need to be looked at for 2018.
Leave it alone and let's see what the 4 bolt rule changes. I am sure there will be more 4 bolts this coming year.
Looks like things are staying the same for 2018. No one has suggested anything. I will leave this open until January 12. If nothing has been suggested by then the rules will be closed until next year and we will run with the same rules as 2017.
Paul, one thing I think needs to be addressed is the throttle body rule. Presently it states a max of 70 mm when the GN1 Performance TB is a 72 mm piece and I am sure some are using it. I do not think this needs to be voted on as 2 mm at the TB is not going to make or break any ones combo, just needs the wording changed.
I'm curious as to how many cars in the class actually run dual pipes to the rear? If I recall some only have 1 and others removed theirs at the dp.

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Single tailpipe is allowed just must exit in a stock location. Open dump is not allowed.
Eliminate all rules but these:

275 tires
stock suspension
72 turbo
3350 pounds
That could be a discussion for next year. Got to keep in mind the true heart and theme of the class though. 8.50 is obtainable with our current rules.