2019 Optima Search for the Ultimate Street Car, Round 3 (NCM)


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Jun 18, 2001
We're down in Bowling Green this weekend. Autocross wrapped, D&E is done, and we successfully completed the road rally.

Right now I'm sitting in 7th in GTV, out of 22 that made the event. Just 1.9 seconds away from first. The only issue so far has been the vacuum line to the charcoal canister coming loose. The ECUGN compensated beautifully, the car didn't blow up, and we found the issue quickly. It's a wonderful piece of tech.

Tomorrow is Speed Stop and the road course, you can keep track of the speed stop results tomorrow here:


The road course times will be published in the "Race Monitor" phone app. It's available for iOS and Android.

And as always, you can keep tabs on me via instagram, @andrewdscott12

Stay tuned for pictures and videos later this week, and if you're in the Bowling Green area, stop by and say hi!
So far this morning I’ve had a spark plug wire come off the coil and ruin a speed stop run, and a coupler on the intake came loose during the first track session. First track session was cut short by a black flag before I got a time.

Second session in about forty minutes.

Small problems today. Building up slowly.
Check out the contact patches on the front tires, and the deformation on the passenger side! The outside wheel is straight up and down. It's taken me a decade to finally get the front end to do this.

For comparison, roughly the same steering inputon the car, but an off-center camera angle. This is from 2016. But you can see the passenger tire rolling under because the suspension couldn't keep the wheel straight up (postive camber gain in turn + roll) and the driver side tire is almost completely off the ground.