24" burnouts! hehe....

lol Those cars on there were some of the FUGLIEST things I've ever seen. The green one especially. BTW who does a burnout, or attempts one, sitting SIDEWAYS in the street?! :confused: Maybe it was just my eyes, but it looked like at one time they were sitting sideways in the street. Thanks for the link. ;)
OK. SO, I have to ask - now that there are TWO posts with the home-boy "no power" video. WHAT??? does this video have to do with "badass GN video"

There are no badass cars in there.

There are no GN's in there...

There is a G-body, but its a Monte.

And a green B-body caprice.

Well - AT LEAST its a video.
Nothing like having to do a 10 piont turn to turn around. I'm sure he can barely cut the wheel without them rubbing.:rolleyes:
I saw rims like that for the first time in a speed shop out side of D.C. last weekend. I was wiating in line to but my ET Streets (on sale-good price too), and thaught the rims were a demo/display kind of thing. I couldn't imagine that anyone (I mean anyone) would put those on a car.
I guess I am getting old, the first thing I thought was "Who would do a burnout with those expensive tires, they have to be $200 a pop"

Oh yeah, and that looks really dumb
Did anyone watch Volume 1? With the fight scene and the guy getting into the Caprice with the big automatic weapon? And we wonder why cops bust our balls for tinted windows.

Nice. :confused:

those are by far some of the most distgusting cars i have ever seen, THEY JUST LOOK STUPID!!
as said before GHETTO