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Hello again my car got done yesterday and put new adjustable waste gate on from kirban (high pressure) and now with dump open I have 25# of boost on the stock turbo set the rod to the hieght of the non adjustable one befor it was at 15# why the sudden jump in boost and whats the most boost I can run safely with stocker and 30# injectors

Extend the rod a bunch. I wouldn't run more than 16psi with green stripes; detonation can kill. Other guys out there, opinions?
definatelly extend the rod a bunch then. you dont want 25 pounds of boost on pump gas. you will surely break something and fast.:mad: :D
holy smokes batboy, you better turn the wastegate waaaay down fast or you'll have a whole lot different post to put up next time. With good gas 94, and a scan tool you might get 16lbs before detonation. Just hate to see you have an issue, good luck.
yeah, hold your horses, if you want to do that get alcohol, and dont turn the stock turbo up that much... after like 23psi the stock turbo is making heat and doing more damage then good....

i was running (until my tranny crapped out AGAIN!) 25psi on a PTE-44 and 009's (42.5 lb/hr).

i would say 30 lb/hr isnt enough.

you have a scan master right? what kind of knock are you seeing?

and i thought the 009's were green stripes?
Well were on this subject, i have a thrasher 92, and if I run pump gas I still get knock, if I ran race gas (112 octane) would I be ok with no knock?