253ci Weber stroker. Turbo to pan


Apr 17, 2013
Hey guys unfortunately I have to sell my motor. I had it built by Weber and tuned by Cal Hartline. The engine has tuning time on it and 150 street miles. No passes on it. It's a stock 109 with a girdle and billet caps. Champion aluminum heads that champion ported. Copper head gaskets. Accufab tb. Champion ported intake and fuel rails (not a ported stock intake). 95lb injectors. Caspers fuel injector harness. Weber front cover with hv oil pump. Billet 218/212 cam. Ta balancer. Champion alternator only bracket. Jw flexplate. Rjc oil pan. The turbo is a precision hpq71 billet wheel. Atr headers.(The headers are older and had some cracks that I had fixed). It currently has a stock location precision intercooler that I could throw in if someone is interested. I have receipts and documentation for absolutely everything. I have the fast xfi that Cal tuned and a complete Caspers wiring harness that I could possibly throw in for the right deal. That would make this a complete turn key drop in 9 second motor. The motor is still in my car and will stay there until somebody buys it. That way you can come ride in the car before you purchase. I have a small fortune in this and I'm looking to get 10,000. Like I said I have documentation for everything and the motor has tuning time and 150 street miles. Any questions please feel free to ask. Thanks for looking.


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Some more pictures


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Yes it was. Unfortunately there was an issue with the dyno and it wasn't displaying the horsepower correctly. It did make 719 ft lbs on 27psi. 16 degrees of timing and a safe 10.8 afr. I wasn't really worried about the numbers I just wanted a safe tune.
The motor is sold. The buyer didn't want the turbo, injectors, intercooler,or the champion alternator bracket. So I will be selling that stuff