25524794/ chime module

hey vinny I was looking for one a while back then I found out it was an option T63 on rpo sticker and my car didn't come with one so gave up bc might not be able to add one on, but don't know for sure
I found a couple of these about 5 years ago when I realized the one on my car wasn’t working. Ironically a dealership not to far from me had two on the shelf..... they were reasonably priced as well. Try calling around to a few dealerships and have them check around

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Ok guys did just that. Located it in a dealer in Texas and being shipped to me. Let’s see what shows up. Mike I’ll let you know how I make out. Thanks. Vinny
The chime module on "Old Blue" works really good! In fact, it works so well that when driving at night I have to either turn off my dash lights or listen to the chime until I can turn off the lights!
Well this is what I got today. Seems it was cross referenced to this part number. Not to thrilled. Was hoping for the same one that’s in the car. $63 to my Door. Vinny


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Some day when my back/neck will allow, I'm going to crawl under the dash and rip that _____ thing out! The only way I can drive at night is to turn off the instrument lights. If I don't, the chime will drive me crazier than I already am. In fact, if anybody wants this one they can have it! Come up to Michigan and get it, bring your tools!
It is a pain in the neck to get to it, but it does pull out fairly easily once you wrap your phalanges around it. Slide the seat all the way back & belly crawl in there. Seem to recall that it is on top of the trans tunnel pointing towards the driver's side. Do you have a small teenager handy?