2800 stall


Jun 3, 2001
Hey guys, I thought I read somewhere that a higher stall convertor could slow down your top end MPH.
I was thinking about it and thought that maybe this could be the reason why I could never get over 94 MPH in the 1/4. Ive got a 2800 stall convertor with the little "pea-shooter" stock turbo (not to mention all of the porting Ive done, including V1 intake).
Does this sound like a possibility? If so what turbo you guys think would be good to go with? I was thinking TA49, Ive also seen some of you with TA33 and TA60 or maybe it was 61. Need some opinions please.

P.S. I have already changed valve springs when porting heads, so I dont think they are the reason for lack of MPH.
Just to let you know, there is a John Craig TA-49 ported and polished for sale for $450+shipping in the parts section of this site. Definately sounds like a good price especially if you are in the market.
I would say you really need a bigger turbo to flow some more air. I would think that you dont need that 2800 stall with the stock turbo , probley a good stall for the ta49. How fast do you want to go. I ran a 12.65 on a street chip untuned with the ta33 and i know i could have put the car in the low 12's with the race chip and a tune.

how fast do you want to go:)
Id be happy to just see low 13s right now, since my combo hasnt been working the way it is, I havent been able to even get into the 13s yet!
Anyway, I know that it is just a temporary setback. I would probably like to go deep into the 12s. After that I will worry about when the time comes.

P.S. thanks for the headsup on the TA49 CHECKMATE. I emailed him about it, I hope he still has it. I think that would be a good turbo to compliment my current mods.
i lost 3 mph going from the d5 to a 12 inch stall cause i wont locking the converter.

switched back to d5 and picked it back up.

just lock the converter and it should tell you if its that.