3.8 stock block rebuild

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I'm an above average tuner. I not worried there. :) 11.0. 91 octane and alchy. Not bad. Stock long block with zero knock and not turned up yet. Street tune.
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Everyone was way to late. I bought a used stock engine from someone in Iowa. Temp use it. Local Iowa builder is going to rebuild my original engine stock and use the other block for a full forged 4.1. He knows what he's doing. He is also getting me off my 1007 Felpro heads requirement which is discontinued to mill them and I got RJC head gasket kit and his nice front mount intercooler to replace my CASV4R. I also got a TON of parts from gbody.com and Full Throttle. Ordered a torque converter, valve springs and a 62/66 turbo from Full Throttle. They are doing nice work for me.

I called and lag responded from a top builder but it's to late. I'm deep in having to do other things even though I have the money to do otherwise.
Due to lag responses I had to improvise to other options.

Party on.
First in line for the Cas v4r , pending verification and pic's :cool:
First build is stock 3.8. All ported heads, intake, 62mm upper. 2 Fuel pumps. 218/218 flat tappet cam. 62/66 turbo. RJC front mount. Full Throttle lockup convertor. Alchy dual nozzle. Bob Bailey computer setup, 3" Terry Houston DP and ATR 3" single exhaust. Dave Barns transmission. Mid 10 car. Edge of stock bottom end and drive train.

Next version will be 9 sec car with upgraded engine, trans, computer, and rear end. E85 fuel.
Glad someone has gotten through to you 1000hp is not needed for a 9 sec car.
Good luck
Please delete my account. I tried to get parts and engine built but it's a zoo in the Buick world and can't get anything unless a 2+ year waiting list. I have to deal with what I can get. I'm going to do it all but it's so laggy I can only do with what I can get. Sorry. I tried higher but it's physically not possible unless you have a super connection or something. That is fact. Don't make fun of me. It's just reality. I just want to drive my car at this point and since I can't get much I have to look at other avenues to get it back on the road and deal with what I got in the mean time.
1,000 hp is only a check book away. But can't get anything to do it.
Had a good builder for what I wanted but it was someone's engine they were not paying for. They did not get a hold of me in time and had to do what I could to move forward. Now I have money invested in 2 engines. The original is going all stock. The used engine is going to be the 4.1 1,000 hp I want but is going to take 2 years to get them both done. I couldn't get the engine I wanted in the time line I wanted so I have to have 2 setups. 1 mid 10 car and the next 9 sec car. Be not bad to have 2 setups. I can alternate them.
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We talked today with the builder about how I'm going to have 2 different builds with 2 different engines. The 4.1 will be full forged with T/A full ported heads, roller cam. The stock build will be stock bottom end with ported stock heads and flat tappet cam. I tried 4.1 aluminum but even harder to get I hear. The guy I bought a used engine from had a fresh Stage 2 virgin block with heads and the T/A aluminum block sitting right in front of me! Can't buy or use any of it. It's frustrating!!
This shop is who is building my engine and has built the fastest Turbo Buick in Iowa. Nevada, Iowa and he is building all my stuff. 40+ years of building. Looks po-dunk but he is uber talented. He is shaving my heads to remove the 1007 Felpro to convert to RJC racing head gaskets. He knows how to make these engines work. He said don't use Champion Heads. Armstrong (the fastest car in Iowa for Turbo Buicks) broke 3 sets in half. T/A heads fixed it.


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I thought Armstrong was using a Stage 2 engine. The builder said no. Just a full forged stock block engine with all the goodies. :) Balanced, blue printed, forged, good heads intake, roller rockers, billet roller cam, etc. Good main caps, good build, studded, everything but a girdle. I trust him to do it all. My 4.1 build he wants to order and do all parts. I'm ok with that.
Does Dave Husek still make the strongest 2004R you can get? I need a super strong 2004R. I don't want a TH400.
Dave Barnes made mine and Ken Mosher trans. I think it's only good for high 10's. I launched at 22 PSI last time out and broke the pump housing in 8 pieces with foot pedal good brakes. Brake setup was all stock with S-10 cylinders and aluminum brake drums in the rear. And the longer pads.
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I had a TE-63-E fixed by Precision Turbo for free and share. I broke it and flatted a cam due to having buying a set of used PTE&E ported heads with roller cam springs in it not knowing until to late. It rounded off the cam not due to engine but not right. The Turbo and engine got trashed due to my stupidity. I know better. Not happening again. It has nothing to do with anyone. the 62/66 turbo is just the next bump. It is not a 9 sec car stuff. It's turned down on purpose. The engine can't handle any more. It's not that I don't know how to go fast. It's I have to turn the power down for it to live during the build. I'm smart enough to not go full tilt on a engine that can't hold it. I know when to up or down the power.
The 1,000 HP is real it's just so hard getting the parts to do it. Parts are really rare and hard to get it done right so I have to back pedal to live until I can get what I want. :)
I really know combos on these cars. I'm doing a multi-step of multiple setups. It's not for the average racer. It's a multi setup and I'm so trained it's not hard for me. I will do all but I know how to not break shit and make it run well for the parts used.
And those that think I can't build a 1,000 HP Turbo Buick you are very highly mistaken.

When ready I will post a video of proof.

8.5 car. Guessing about 42 psi boost. Car won't make it drive train wise. But engine might. I hear stock block did a 7. There is hope. My engine will be fine. The drivetrain will break hard.
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I've studied the Turbo Buicks for over 30 years. I know it's all weak points and more and how to go fast.
I'm upset you guys don't think I can run 9's or lower. You think you are special and crap. I know what it takes to get there. You think you are special and nobody else has the ability or money or do it. That fact is it's not true. I know how these cars work. I've proved it over 20 years. I'm not a noob and the 9 second guys don't want to get me in. They try to make me think it's for only special people. It's not. Guys like me and Bob Bailey do shit that is insane. I know how turbo buicks are and works. This is nothing new to me at all. At all. You have no clue. Bob Bailey I respect the most. Him and I did stuff way above your minds. Love Bob. And that is why I will always use his chip on a stock computer and make records using it. Just seems fitting.
Bob if bored I want to max out the stock computer with E-85. Your logic makes the car so good you can turn the boost up and down and be exact tuned. It's crazy good. Best tuner I've ever seen on the ECM. I plan on running 9's with your tech. I don't want to change.
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If you have the full package of Bob Baileys gear you can turn his boost controller up and down and it auto adjusts. Nothing to do. It automatically does everything. There is no tuning to do. It's programmed to do it all on the fly.
Tested from 12 psi to 25 psi. It auto works. Stupid good.
Bob also did anti-theft. Which is amazing.
He also did 32 mpg on a turbo buick with lean burn.
And his launch mode I've proven did .3 et. easy. Seen up to .5 et. It throws a flame into the turbo with timing and fueling.
Bad news is Bob said I ran out of saving space. Sucks but true!! He had to stop dev due to storage space on the chip.
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Friends ask and say you one of the best tuners. I said no. Bob Bailey is. He is so good I can control the HP with the boost controller and have nothing to tune. Boost knob is all I have to do. It's that good. It auto adjusts it all. The secret is the MAF. :) 3.5 LS1 can read uber high.
I give Bob Bailey the uber credit for being the best person that maxed out the stock computer.
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