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Jul 11, 2012
My buddy has a 85 grand prix with a 3.8 in it and i was wondering if the blocks were the same as the turbo buicks cause i was thinkin of buying it off of him and building a spare motor for my car, if anyone knos if it will work please let me know. Thanks
There are some minor differences in the blocks but it would work fine for a spare engine if you build it right, providing it's not a FWD block.;)
And both of us have had people show up on the board thinking the car was 1 year when it turned out to be another.;) That's why I said it Derrik.:D

i just go by what's posted.. if their basic info is wrong, then that's on them.
no im sure its rwd, but all i could find that was really different on the block was just the turbo oil return line, is that it?