3"DP / cutting turbo shield


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Does anyone know if you have to cut the shield for the 3" DP available at Kirban Performance.com? I just ordered one and I'm trying to decide if I need to track down a used shield that I can slice up or if there's a chance it'll still fit.
his pipe uses the stock cast elbow , the pipe just replaces the stock 2 1/2 pipe which is behind the sheild
so no theres no need to cut or modify the stock sheild will fit like it always has , all your are doing is getting a fatter pipe than the stocker and it is nowhere near the sheild ,

What is the second part in the picture then if I'm gunna be using the stock elbow?
his pipe is two peice , a short section with the flare that bolts to the cast elbow and then the bent pipe that runs to under the car , the two join behind the turbo with a muffler clamp ,

all you do is remove the two bolts from your stock dp that have the springs on them
the cast elbow stays bolted to the turbo