3" MAF and Steel rocker shaft supports.


runs with scissors
May 26, 2001
MAF $50 Shipped.


Here's what the rocker shafts look like mocked up on my engine (complete set of 6). I'm running stock rockers with a 215/220 roller with no problems. $50 shipped
oops. they were alum sets of 4 last time I looked.

I machined them a couple years ago.
Off subject but that's cool how the EGR protrusion on the intake was tapped and plugged...I've never seen that befoe :cool:.......
The small round hole is easy. All you need is a pipe tap. The large one starts off as a rectangle so you really need a milling machine. It really cleaned up that section of the manifold. I was pleased at how well it turned out :)
I'm interested in the MAF. I have a 3.5" but want a 3" MAF to fit my current MAF pipe. You sure this is 3"? If so, let me know.
I'm positive. It's actually sitting on my desk next to a 3-1/2 that I'm thinking about selling too.
I like to buy the MAF if still available i need it for the convetion im doing
On my 85 tt. Thanks (do i need a translator for that?) Or is it a stock MAF for 86/87?