3" vs 3.5" MAF Pictures


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Does anybody have a side by side picture of a 3" and 3.5" MAF. The 3" is that same as a LT1 and the 3.5" is the LS1 style, correct?
nervermind the pictures. I was thinking that i had the 3" MAF on my car. I found a very old 3" MAF that has the screens removed and was ported which was sitting on my shelf for the past 3 years.
I removed the MAF from the car and compared. Turns out I had the 3.5" in the car all this time. I have had the translator set to 3". What would the results be on the car running the wrong MAF? I have been getting high BLM's. I have been thinking that more air has been getting through than the translator is telling the ECM, which would lead the O2 to show more air, lean. Correct?