37lb injectors, 36lb chip


It's just a V6 Regal....
Jan 11, 2004
Hey guys, I was just wondering if there would be any complications running 37lb injectors on a chip designed for 36lb injectors. Ive been looking to upgrade my injectors, and Ive got a chip designed for 36lbs, but cant find anywhere that sells 36lbs, they all sell 37lbs.
I would agree that one pound difference probably won't matter, but there could be a problem with the difference in linearity between the two injectors. The chip controls the amount of fuel at different rpm ranges. If the injectors are about the same linearity them no problem, but I would check with a professional chip maker to be sure.

I'm running 38 lbs lucas injectors with a thrasher chip for 36lbs injectors. No problems.