3800 FWD to RWD?

Yeah, the 2.8 has the same bolt pattern as the L67, but as I have found the starter is on the wrong side of the engine (at least the few I found). I was told that the bell housing from a 94-95 2.2 engine from a S-10/Sonoma will have the correct starter position, although I haven't found one yet to verify. If someone has done this already or does it in the near future let me know, or if I find one I'll let you all know.
For what its worth, the transmissions in jeeps work too. My buddy just put a sc 3800 in his rock crawler. The trans behind the 4.0 bolted right up. I guess jeep uses the old chev 2.8 pattern since jeeps had gm stuff in them for awhile. The backwards facing tb worked out for him because he brought the air filter into the pass compartment.

wow ! thats interesting - many possibilities there both for using that trans or for putting a 3800 sc in a jeep and making a poor mans srt jeep awd :biggrin:

got any links or documentation on that rock crawler swap ??
I have an opportunity to pick up a 98 supercharged Regal GS, Im going to swap it into a Camaro Isnt the tranny part of the electronics package or can this be bye passed? Or is there a separate engine electronics....I see alot of postings about the tranny but not of this.
I need help on a conversation.. I have a 84 Nissan Sunraider RV that had a 4 cylinder in it. I have read where people have put the 3.8 Buick in the Nissan and Toyota. I thought a 4.4 S-10 motor would fit and went out and bought one, well it doesn't, but it does fit the same model toyota... RV uses the same front end as all the trucks but Toyota and Nissan did the frames different. I know from reading people have put the 1985 3.8 Buick in there, but question is will the 95-98 series 2 fit and are there any RWD other then Camaro and Firebird? Does Regal have one? Are there not any of these FWD motors have the motor mount bolt for both? I could sure use some help.. Also the super charger would need the harness and some places that cell motors will not give a harness, then what? It is difficult to find a Camaro or firebird for sale under 2,000 just for the motor.. I also want to put in a Manuel transmission, so what S-10 2,8 will bolt up? And a jeep 4.0 will bolt up? I do not have a lot of room in that compartment.. Are all the 3.8's the same size 85 to 97? You can write me directly at docwiese7..........@.......yahoo.com
Speaking of motor mounts, which mounts work for the 3800 series II engine and what are the exact mods to the mounts needed to make it work? Thanks!
Whether it's a 3800 from a fwd or from the Camaro/Firebird it's a 3800. The mounts from the f body are kinda wide but they do bolt on to any 3800.
Ok, cool. I thought I read about using some 80s Cutlass mounts and having to mod them somehow but I'll just pick up some Camaro ones then. How's the Charger project going?
Runs just fine. Been a busy summer so haven't done much wrenching. Did change the decal on the hood a bit. Added red to the R/T letters and silver to the /


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Ok, cool. Looks like a real sleeper car, too. You might miss that 5 speed tranny if you sell it, though.