3800 turbo selection info


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Sep 25, 2007
I am building a 3800 Series III Aust engine.
I am looking a fitting L32 rods with ACL forged pistons or Dimond pistons 8.5:1
heads will be flowed std heads to start with and ported latter.
I will be making custom manifolds and turbo mounting.
I need help with cam selection and ball bearing turbo.
thinking may be a GT35/40R Internally Wastegated but I am no expert.

Car weight in at 950 kg with cage for street / strip.
Will be using a T5 or T56 gearbox if T5 blows up.
Will be running a BTR diff with 3.08 ratio or 9" if BTR blows up.
Will be using 26" tyres as biggest that will fit under vehicle.

any help in selecting parts would be greatly accepted.

you need to specify some performance targets...and from that hp/tq targets. then you can select parts.

if you have a series iii, then you already have the strong rods. and the stock pieces can take 400+ whp.

i know that a t04e 60-1, with a stattama stage 1 cam makes 478 whp with stock heads. it spools around 3000 rpm. a 60-1 with t3 turbine will spool faster, and still make ~400 whp.

a gt35/40r, aka gt3582r, is similar to precision's gt6131r. so it depends on whether you want a t3, or 3 bolt turbine housing inlet. hint: pte will be much cheaper.

check out zzp/stattama's turbo kits for ideas.

thanks for the quick reply.
sorry after reading my post again I see I forgot some info.
only the late series III engines had stronger P/M rods.
As I am starting with a L36 engine so I require the L32 rods or after market rods but unable to find any.
I would like to get around 600hp at the flywheel.
As I dont know what the final use for the car will end up full drag or other track I will stick with a manual gear box for know.
every one I talk to in Aust has no info for cam or turbo.
As for kits I will have a look for some ideas.
what flange etc I dont know may be T3.
Garret turbos are a lots easyer to find in Aust.

i assume it will be drag only? no driveability issues, emissions, and such? what kind of times do you want to set? under 10 second 1/4 miles aka 400 m?

212/212 cam 0.506" lift (stattama stage 2), p&p heads (even home ported), and a 60-1 will get you there. a gt35r will do it a little better. a gt6776s will have plenty of wiggle room. you'll have a decent lope, but streetable.

you can use the l32 lower intake and fab the top, or just use the whole thing. 65# injectors, walbro fuel pump, larger maf, program the ecu - or stand alone ecu - stronger valve springs, head studs, mls gasket.

the stock bottom end is fairly stout. as long as you don't rev it too high, it'll take a lot of power. you can use an aem boost controller (or similar) to kill some mid range torque. your tires and tranny will thank you.

Def check out stattama for some of their stuff. For your goal im sure their stage 2 cam, ported heads, 8.5 pistons and a turbonetics 62-1 should get you there. I agree on starting with a stock lower and building an upper manifold or a fully custom setup.
the gt6152 is rated at 630 bhp. however, remember that the 3800 will make way more torque than any other engine at that hp level. also, your goal should be an e.t., not a hp number.

f-1 on this forum has gone 10.8 s with this turbo. most other people are going 11.2-11.5 s - in full weight regals. f-1's setup is 206° cam, ported heads, headers, gt6152e on 24 psig, 3" exhaust, maf, and tc. very mild! you can barely hear his motor in his video. a similar setup will have you 9.1-9.5 s.

Thanks for the info helps a lot.
Anyone here used twin turbo on a 3800 engine.
I see on ebay.com.au a lot of cheap new turbos.
I was told to use 2 x TD05D G16 turbos or 2 x T3T4 Internal V-Band Turbo.
I have no info on how big the turbos should be for twin aplication.

Anyone got an idea.