4.1 For sale!


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Jul 16, 2007
Have a 4.1 casting 4291 for sale. Decided to go with 3.8 again. No cracks from head bolt holes to water jackets. has been cleaned up. Have pictures if you want to see if it. $200
do you have pictures??? are you willing to ship??? what did the motor come of off???? does it need to be drill for the turbo lube???
Chris i decided to go with a 109. so no need for parts. Do not know what it came out of and yes it needs to be drilled for the oil return. I was told that it does not have to be drilled. you can just run a return line to the oil pan. I am located 10 miles north of cincinnati. It comes with the oil pan also.

If it is not spoken for, I will drive down from Dearborn Heights Michigan (3 hour drive) and get it on Sunday.

Do you know if it is stock bore?

Please let me know.
Sorry guys

Sale pending. Let you know if it falls through or not. Thanks for the offers.