4.1 S2 camshaft recommendations


Reel 'em in
May 29, 2001
I have a big cube motor, 278 to be exact, and I'm getting different theories for camshaft choices. Definitely gonna be a billet hydraulic roller, and this motor will be used for street/strip duty using GN1s. Also have a Vigilante "0" pump (3200 stall) and will be using a PT-54 until I can get my hands on a bigger turbo.

One recommendation is to stay with the smallest camshaft possible and let the turbo do the work. (maybe 214/210 at 110)

Another recommendation is to go bigger with a 236/236 at 112 to help idling quality.

I thought why not go 224/224 since it wont be a high-rev motor. I don't think the motor will run out of breath at the top end with this cam


Any assistance with these or any other choices and what the lobe separation difference does i.e. 110 vs. 112?