4 inch to 3.5 dp for atr headers.


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Aug 25, 2002
Well I bought a new turbo and the it has a 4 inch outlet. I have atr headers. So I had to make a dp for my set up. It still has a/c, so room was tight. I was able to install and remove it without taking anything else off. 304 SS to a full 304 ss exhaust. It was on the car for about a year now, but since I have the engine out I wanted to post some pics for this section.


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Nice stuff! Im getting ready to make the 5" DP for my 427" LSX GN, looks like its gonna be alot of work! Pipe looks great man!:D

Is that your first time fabbing one up? If so that pretty:wink: damn good first time around. Nice work
Yes to the wideband bung. And no this is not my first time fabing. Thank you guys.
where did you purchace your 304 tubing? and how expensive is a 4" 90* bend? What type of CLR can you get?

Glad to see that you can fit that in there with A/C and ATR's