40 extra HP with DownPipe Kit?


Just Another BLACK Car
Jul 29, 2001
RK Kustom Auto Accessories claims a 40+ hp increase if you use their TA116/TA301 combination. Which is basically an upgraded 3" downpipe kit and a free flowing 3" SS exhaust.


Anybody used this kit? What results? I don't want to flame here, but 40HP is alot to gain with just a downpipe and exhaust. I am a little skeptical at this point.

help me out Dudes.


What is your opinion on upgrading these systems. I need info. Ready to upgrade.

BTW, when did you break your engine??
Broke it this spring, It started knocking.. :( Its been sitting all summer... Motor is out and going to be a winter project, I should be racing in the spring..

A DP isnt needed till your in the 11s, the "40"HP that is clamied comes from removing the CAT which is a BIG restriction...

Save the 400+ bucks, Remove the Cat and get a Test Pipe with a Dump Tube for the Track. The stock Catback is very restrictive so that would be a good buy for the street but at the track you should run open exhaust for best ET and MPH.

Good Luck...